Having a positive culture at work will grow a loyal, motivated and high performing staff team who will take pride in working for you. Such positive cultures don't just happen; they need to be carefully and thoughtfully shaped.

I have developed a model, as outlined in my book, ‘Shaping Your Workplace Culture: a practical guide’ CLICK HERE TO BUY

that helps leaders in organisations shape culture so that:

  • you identify your current culture - and the culture you aspire to

  • you become clear on how your values impact your operations and behaviours

  • you have a set of processes that embed and maintain the outworking of your values

  • your leaders are developed in characteristics that will shape a positive and productive culture

  • you have a culture that will progress your mission

For some examples of my culture shaping work see Case Studies


To describe the charity’s culture in the way that Vanessa has done is so powerful, and something that most corporates I have worked for, didn’t do’
— Trustee, E&W YMCA
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I attended an excellent workshop on creating and more importantly maintaining a positive culture in the workplace by Vanessa O’Shea. It really did challenge my perceptions. Very insightful and practically useful for anyone who leads a team (s) of any size.
— Frank Bouette, Principal at EMW Law