Running and Writing


On Christmas Day 2018 my book was published on Amazon. Yesterday, New Year’s Day, I went on a park run (5k) and I took the time to reflect on how becoming a runner has significantly impacted by ability to write and finish my book. 

 My running journey 

 I started running In May 2016, joining a beginners running group, at a local women’s running club following a conversation (over a glass of wine or two) about my lack of fitness at a party. I hadn’t run since I was a kid and frankly, I was terrified. Terrified that I would look silly in my new running gear, my kids would laugh at me, and that I would be left behind. What I didn’t realise was that running would make me feel so - alive. 

 I started writing a book, properly, in January 2018 and soon realised that the most important quality I, personally needed, was one that running had taught me - perseverance.  

 For example, here is a typical conversation I have with myself when I run; the second example showing how I adapt it in my writing conversation.  

 This is what goes through my mind when I run (starts @1 mile and reoccurs at regular intervals): 

“Everything hurts. I can’t continue to run. I am not a runner.”  

“Is anything really hurting? Any sharp pains?” 

“Well, no.” 

“Just concentrate on running to the next lamp-post, and then you can stop.” 

(Repeat several times until you forget that you are ‘not a runner’ and the hurting has subsided) 

Before you know it you are another mile closer to the finish line. One step at a time 

 This is what goes through my mind when I have a writing day (starts when I sit at my computer): 

“I don’t know how to break this idea down into words. I am not a writer.” 

“Make yourself a pot of coffee, sit down at your computer, set your alarm for 25 minutes.” 

“OK, but as far as I know I will be staring at the screen for 25 minutes.” 

“Just concentrate on writing a phrase using words that describe your idea.”  

(Repeat several times until you forget that you are ‘not a writer’ and the words are flowing) 

Before you know it you have written a page. One word at a time 


The second key quality that running has developed in me is - self-confidence. 

I had been running for around 18 months, when, to my surprise, the CEO came and said to me that since started running, I had changed;  I was stronger in myself.  This was a revelation. I had expected to feel stronger physically, but I didn’t expect to be stronger in myself.   Running has bought me confidence in myself as a person, in who I am, that I have something important to bring to the world.  

If you are facing 2019 with a book in you that needs to come out - or indeed any dream that you feel is beyond you - why don’t you consider learning to run? 

You can buy my book by clicking on the following: ‘Shaping your Workplace Culture: a practical guide’

My running club is called Brighton and Hove Women’s Running Club ( and we love to welcome new people.