My ‘lightbulb moment’ was more of a gradual realisation over 20 years of working in senior HR roles where staff didn't know, or understand the stated company values, or didn't understand how they impacted on their day to day work. What the company said it valued was not always the experience of the staff, or the client/service user. There was a disconnect. 

I also saw how important having the right 'culture' was to bring the best out of people; and values underpin your culture.

Over the last 2 years, I have developed, a model that enables an organisation to 'live' its values, creating a culture of authenticity, in which staff feel valued in their diverse strengths and talents, contributing to company success.

My Core Values are CLEAR :

Creativity : I think 'outside-the-box' using my initiative, and when faced with a problem or challenge, I won't give up thinking of ways round it.

Learning: I take a 'can-do' approach, thriving in situations where solutions are needed, constantly learning.

Excellence : I bring all my skills, knowledge, creativity, and intuition to the table; you always get the best of me.

Authenticity : I'm honest in my communication, and a person of my word.

Respect : I take a non-judgemental approach, believing that people are equal in their uniqueness and value.