My ‘lightbulb moment’ was more of a gradual realisation over 2 decades working in the field of HR and consultancy where i saw the powerful impact that culture had in the workplace. I began to understand that a lot of the 'fire-fighting' that took place within the four walls of the HR office, pointed to a deeper, more integral problem; one of culture. 

I saw how a good culture resulted in a workforce who were intrinsically motivated, enthusiastic about the the organisation and enjoyed coming to work. which in turn, strengthened the organisation and placed it in a position to achieve its vision. Win-Win!

Over the last 4 years, I have developed, a model that enables an organisation to 'live' its values, and a leadership development model that develops key culture shaping qualities in leadership.

Something Personal:

In my spare time, I play the cello in orchestral, folk and other informal settings and I love to run.