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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the world’s most widely used and heavily researched profiling tool.  It is used to highlight the different ways that individuals work, with regards to communication, coping with change and making decisions. It is particularly useful in resolving conflict, and giving us tools to manage stress.

As the Myers Briggs Type Indicator itself, is one part of identifying someone’s 'best fit type', it should not be relied on entirely and time spent with a qualified practitioner is vital, to explore the results in more detail and with accuracy.

Team Training – 3.5 hours

This would consist of :

Taking the team through all 8 Indicators, enabling participants to identify their type as they go along.

Exercises to highlight the differences in communication, responses to change, making decisions, planning and scheduling work, and different ways we deal with stress.

Identify ways to work better together in these areas.

Individual Consultation – 1.5 hours

This would involve :

Going through the 8 MBTI indicators, enabling the individual identify their type and recognise their ways of working.

A ‘stress’ profile; and exploring, through the MBTI tool, ways to help prevent and combat stress.


One to one consultations with 2 people

Report Options :

For both team and individual training, the participants would need to complete either an online, or paper questionnaire (takes 30-40 minutes to complete):

The online questionnaire would result in a 10 page report, a detailed personality profile, plus a booklet giving information as to all the ‘types’.*                                                                                                                                                

The paper questionnaire, leads to a 4 page report, a summary of the personality profile, how others see you, areas for growth, and how you operate during times of change.  **                            

*For an example of an online report, see the attached.

**For an example of a manual report, see the attached.


Managing staff by their strengths, rather than their weaknesses results, is a way of tapping into the (otherwise dormant) potential of your most important resource. I can introduce a model that enables staff to bring their untapped potential into the workplace. The Strengthsfinder Model, works by identifying your top 5 strengths, brings awareness of how these can be used in roles, and teams, resulting in :

  • an energised and motivated staff team

  • better individual, team and company performance

  • better staff morale - a happier team

  • a decrease in HR 'issues'


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