"I wish this book had been written 20 years ago when I first started leading organisations; an excellent and inspiring book”

A manual for culture change

People want to be happy and fulfilled at work; employers want their staff to be productive. Is it possible to meet both objectives? ‘Shaping your Workplace Culture’ proposes that they can if an organisation can create a positive and healthy culture. This book describes how some common workplace cultures impact on morale, performance, and organisational success. It introduces a simple 4-stage culture shaping model and case studies of where businesses have shaped their culture through each stage. It presents the 7 key qualities required to shape a positive culture, together with an outline of a leadership development program.

I have come across some of this material working in the NHS, but never seen it delivered in such a comprehensive, easily accessible and practical form.
I think anyone who leads in any way in an organisation would benefit from reading this, or even if you just feel like a cog in a machine in your workplace, this book could give you the inspiration for building a new culture from the inside out
As an independent HR consultant I’m recommending this book to all of my clients to help them on their journeys towards stronger, healthier and happier working environments.