“I wish that this book had been written 20 years ago when I started leading organisations; an excellent and inspiring book.”
“A must-have for any small organisation that values its staff and wants to know how to have a consistent culture top to bottom.”


Great workplace cultures don’t USUALLY just happen; they need to be SHAPED

People want to be happy and fulfilled at work; employers want their staff to be productive. Is it possible to meet both objectives? My book, ‘Shaping your Workplace Culture’ proposes that they can, if an organisation can create a positive and healthy culture.

In the book, I outline the most common workplace cultures, showing how they impact on morale, performance and organisational success. A practical book, it is full of ideas and suggestions for action. It introduces a simple model for creating an environment in which an organisation’s greatest resource - its people - can feel valued and flourish.


If you are interested in shaping your culture, and want an initial chat (for the price of a coffee and some cake, or over Skype) to see if I can help, contact me here.


WORKSHOP: This could lead to me running a workshop in your organisation, visiting a team meeting, or strategy day.

CONSULTATION: This could lead to me working with your organisation to deliver all or any of the 4 stages of Culture-Shaping from identifying mission, identifying values, embedding values, to developing the qualities needed in a culture-shaping leader.


“I thoroughly recommend this practical book on shaping company culture. A great tool for HR consultants.”
— Kay Gunn MSc FCIPD